50 ft Luxury Catamaran

Boat Details

Length 50 ft
Speed 7-12 mph

Enjoy the scenery of the soft green hills of the gorgeous island of Barbados as you sail over the Caribbean Sea's crystal-clear waters. Be amazed by the fascinating underwater world, which is home to sea turtles, coral reefs, and exotic fish.

With a full premium bar and a fantastic Caribbean buffet, relax on the comfortable trampoline of our catamaran.

The 50 Ft Luxury Catamaran is the ideal choice to begin your wonderful and exciting day in Barbados's seas!

Trip Details

Treat yourself to something special when visiting Barbados by chartering your own exclusive sailing catamaran. We offer a private charter on a deluxe 50-foot catamaran that comfortably seats up to 16 people.

The catamaran consists of four double cabins, fully equipped bathrooms, a nice lounge with sofas inside, and a spacious deck area outside allowing you to take advantage of the sun or shade.

Choose your own itinerary – some examples are below:

Adventure Cruise – This trip offers absolute pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere plus the excitement of the Caribbean underwater world. Swim with Greenback turtles and snorkel with hundreds of colorful tropical fish at two snorkel sites.

Get into the groove with the crew's famous rum punch while listening to the Caribbean rhythms. Snorkeling gear is provided.

Sunset Cruise – This cruise offers all the excitement of the Adventure Cruise, swimming with the Green sea turtles and snorkeling a shipwreck with colorful tropical fish.

After the exhilarating fun, relax with a cocktail and watch the beautiful sunset of Barbados, all this while listening to the rhythms of the Caribbean. Snorkeling gear is provided.

Lunch / Snorkel Cruise - A wonderful day out for the whole family, couples, groups of friends, or singles. Enjoy a leisurely sail along the west coast, where you will swim with sea turtles in their natural habitat and see the amazing variety of tropical fish while exploring a shipwreck.

We then drop anchor in one of the many beautiful bays where it is time to taste our renowned home-cooked lunch.

Just lie back with a Banks beer, Cuba Libre, or a glass of wine and live life! Snorkeling gear is provided.

Wedding or Birthday Cruise - Make it a memorable day and enjoy the company of friends and family. The intimate and relaxed atmosphere of our catamaran is the ideal location to exchange your vows, or you can choose the privacy of a secluded bay.

Celebrating a special birthday or just wanting to chill out with friends? The private charter can be booked between 9 am to 7 pm.

We offer various menus all prepared with fresh and locally sourced produce (Caribbean buffet, BBQ, lobster buffet, and more) and the bar is tailored accordingly. Or choose a restaurant on the west coast, while your catamaran awaits you.

All prices are inclusive of transportation, snorkel, and safety gear.

NOTE: A personalized delicious birthday cake can be prepared for 100 USD or a standard birthday cake for 25 USD (advance notice will be required).

Payment Terms: To Confirm your Charter, you must pay the deposit amount and provide us the Credit Card Details (Master or Visa card only). The credit card will not be charged. The balance payment will be due, you can pay that amount in Cash, Master or Visa Card “on the day of your cruise”.

Boat Capacity: We usually carry a max of 25 persons, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions at present we are only allowed to take 16-person max. Not sure, when the restrictions will be lifted.

A Private Charter

  • $425 USDPer Hour
  • The Minimum charter time is 3 hours

    To include the Buffet, a minimum of 4 - 5 hours is required

    We recommend you - 4 to 5 Hours Tour, so you to enjoy sailing, Two Snorkel Stops (each 45 min at the turtle site and ship wreck/ coral reef) and lunch on board.

    If you just like to snorkel at the coral reef and swim with turtles and but not required buffet on board, then 3 Hours Tour will be fine. 

    All snorkel and safety equipment is on board. The private charter can be booked between 9 am until 7 pm (min 3 hours).

    The catering cost starts from- for our delicious Bajan buffet = $25 USD per person
    The Premium Bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) = $15 USD per person

    MENU # 1 - ($25 US per person)
    Classic Bajan Buffet
    Variety of three Salads
    Garlic Bread

    MENU # 2 - ($30 US per person)
    International Buffet
    Steak fish
    Curry (Chicken or Veggie)
    Vegetable Rice
    Potato or Pasta Dish
    Variety of Seasonal Salads
    Garlic Bread

    MENU # 3 - ($40 US per person)
    Buffet á la carte
    Your choice of two (2) main courses:
    Catch of the Day
    Creamy Coconut Shrimp
    Grilled Chicken Breast
    Beef Stew
    Lamb Stew
    Garlic Bread, Dessert

    MENU # 4 – ($50 US per person)
    Seafood Buffet a la carte
    Your choice of two (2) main courses per 
    Shrimp Kebabs
    Mussels in tomato-garlic sauce
    Blackened Catch of Day
    Sweet & Sour Catch of Day
    Pickled Shrimp
    Pasta Alfredo (Veggie, Chicken or Shrimp)
    Garlic Bread

    Side options for our á la carte menus
    (please pick 2-3 options):
    Calypso Rice (Vegan)
    Bean Rice (Vegan)
    Basmati Rice (Vegan)
    Plain Rice (Vegan)
    Veg. Pasta (Vegan)
    Macaroni Pie
    Rustic Mash 
    Grilled Potatoes (Vegan)
    Garlic & Herbs Baby Potatoes (Vegan)
    Grilled Vegetables (Vegan)
    Steamed Vegetables (Vegan)

    Salad choices for á la carte menus
    (Please pick 2-3 options):
    Tomato & Red Onion Salad (Vegan)
    Beet Salad (Vegan)
    Three Bean Salad 
    Greek Salad
    Cesar Salad
    Tossed Salad (Vegan)
    Fried Plantain (Vegan)
    Pasta Salad
    Potato Salad

    *Vegan Options:
    Soya Chunk Stew
    Kidney Bean Stew
    Black Bean Stew
    Soya Lasagna
    Grilled Vegetable
    Stuffed Peppers
    Bean Burgers
    *We offer flexibility to suit your preferences. You are welcome to substitute vegan or gluten-free options with our buffets (additional cost may apply). Please let us know of any allergies to consider, when preparing your dishes.

    Barbecue Menu - ($50 US per person)
    (with the chef on board add 100 USD)
    A selection of marinated kebabs – beef, pork, chicken or shrimp (any 2) and vegetable
    Homemade Burgers
    Selection of Salads
    Garlic Bread

    Canapes Choices – ($30 US per person)
    (min 100 USD, 3-5 options depending on group size)
    Shrimp Skewers
    Fish Sticks
    Curried Chicken Skewers
    Meatballs and Dip 
    Mini quiches (Variety)
    Mini Spring Rolls (Vegetarian)
    Feta & Baby Tomato Skewers (Veg.)
    Vegetable Samosas
    Vegetables with Dips
    Crackers and Humus
    Fruit Skewers
Extra hour(s) 425 USD, Full Premium Bar 15 USD, MENU # 1: Classic Bajan Buffet 25 USD, MENU # 2: International Buffet 30 USD, MENU # 3: Buffet á la carte 40 USD, MENU # 4: Seafood Buffet a la carte 50 USD, Barbecue Menu 50 USD, Canapes Choices – (min 100 USD) 30 USD, Barbecue Menu - (with the chef on board add 100 USD) 100 USD