30 Ft Catamaran - 巴巴多斯 包船


30 Ft Catamaran is the perfect choice for small parties, catered by the stylish and comfortable catamaran.

Here, we focus a strong emphasis on providing personalized service in a relaxed, welcoming setting.

If you\'re looking for a memorable experience and would like to explore the waters around Barbados, you may book this lovely catamaran as you\'ll discover she\'s the ideal solution. She has a lot of facilities to make your charter with us truly pleasurable, such as snorkeling gear so that you can explore the underwater beauties Barbados seas have to offer.

About the Captain: The Captain, who has more than 20 years of sailing expertise, has a well-earned reputation with all of his passengers, and many of them frequently book trips on the catamaran.

Trip Details

Barbados is the ideal location in the Caribbean, the island has many attractions, and its stunning beaches are among its best known. Barbados has everything you\'re looking for in an exciting trip.

For those who desire to embark on their own trip, renting this beautiful catamaran is one of the best ways to explore this island from the waters.
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  • Shared Snorkeling Charter (3 hours)
    $70 USD

    We will start sailing our crystal-clear waters of Barbados, going for an anchor on our pristine snorkel spot, where you will be able to explore life beneath the waves, swim with the turtles, and tropical fish, and our beautiful coral reef with its shipwreck.


    Adults: $70
    Children (under 12 years old): $35

    Max Guest: Eight (8)

    Excluded: No snacks on our shared 3-hour tours.

    Included: Snorkel gear is included.

    Additional Passenger rate: 70 USD, Children (under 12 years old) 35 USD
  • Shared Sunset Charter (3 hours)
    $70 USD

    This romantic charter is great to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Barbados!

    We will start sailing and make a stop to have a swim with the turtles and snorkel at the coral reef, or sit back and enjoy a cocktail, after this stop, we sail along the beautiful west coast of Barbados watching the sunset.

    Adults: $70
    Children (under 12 years old): $35

    Max Guest: Eight (8)

    Included: Snorkel gear.

    Additional Passenger rate: 70 USD, Children (under 12 years old) 35 USD
  • Lunch Charter (Shared Charter - 5 hours)
    $100 USD

    Sit back and relax on this peaceful charter, sailing the coastline of Barbados and enjoy the scenery from our beautiful Island.

    We take you to our serene bay where you can enjoy a stroll along the beach/ and have a swim before a delicious buffet-style lunch of many local favorites is served on board.

    Adults: $100
    Children (under 12 years old): $ 50

    Max Guest: Eight (8)

    - Snorkel gear.

    Full Barbadian buffet meal consisting of chicken, fish, macaroni pie, rice, tossed salad, three bean salad, and garlic bread.
    - Menus can be tailored to suit your needs as well.
    - Vegan and vegetarian meals are available upon request.

    Additional Passenger rate: 100 USD, Children (under 12 years old) 50 USD


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Price Calculation

违约率: 800 USD

Pax 包含在默认费率中: 4

额外乘客价格: 80 USD

基本价格: 550 USD

总价: 550 USD

订金 0 USD

平衡: 550 USD

1/ 我们会先向您发送船只可用性确认信息。
2/ 如果您决定继续前进并预订包机,您只需点击付款链接,支付小额押金(最高 15%)。付款链接将与可用性确认一起发送。
3/ 支付押金后,您将收到一份非常详细的旅行确认信。